“The Battle I Nearly Lost” Part 2: The Bittersweet Week

ImageRunning long distances isn’t just a physical challenge. In fact, it may be even more of a mental & emotional battle that in the end if not dealt with could be what ends up destroying your ambition…

The week of our wedding turned out to be a nightmare. Not only were we dealing with the stress from last minute wedding details & family flooding in from out state, but I had a 16 year old dog named Cody that up until the 5th of February was the healthiest 16 year old dog you would have ever met. In the middle of the night on February 5th, my little friend began having very violent seizures that were uncontrollable. I was completely helpless. All I could do was cry, scream, hold him in my arms, & pray that he would snap out of the seizures he was having. When there was no more than seconds between the violent seizures I had no other choice than to find an emergency 24 hour vet clinic.

Long story short, the 24 hour clinic got my little man tranquilized & stable & recommended him to a specialist down the road. It was now the 6th of February just 2 days before our wedding & I did not understand why this was happening. I was mad at the world & I will admit I was upset with God.  At the specialist clinic, I was faced with the decision of paying a $4,500 bill to do diagnostic tests to figure out what was exactly going on with him (brain tumor or encephalitis), let them monitor him another night in the clinic, or the dreaded option of putting him down. I decided to go with NONE of the options they suggested to me. I opted to let them keep him for the rest of the day, monitor him & treat him, & then send him home with me with some prescriptions. I told everyone I just wanted him home with me. I knew I would be leaving in 3 days for our honeymoon & I wanted every last moment I could spend with my little friend & I thought he would feel the same.

With that decision, I was able to spend 2 wonderful nights with my little man semi-cuddled together in bed. He was unable to control his urine by this time so he was swaddled in old towels & laid in his own bed & then laid in my bed next to me. For both of those nights, I woke up to see him crawled out of his bed nuzzled up under my chin & those moments with him I will cherish in my heart forever. That was my sign he needed me just as much as I needed him.

Well, the wedding proceeded & my little man was unfortunately in bad shape, but as usual he was a fighter &  he was able to attend (hidden in a back room) & my new husband & I were able to get our picture taken with our little boy dressed up in his little tux.

After the wedding, the emotional battle continued. We were scheduled to leave for our honeymoon & didn’t know what to do with our very sick boy. We went back & forth with what to do. Some suggested even putting him down, but in my heart I could not see myself doing that out of pure “convenience” because we would be out of the country for 2 weeks. I knew the ONE and ONLY option for my little man was giving him a fighting chance & God bless my mother-in-law because she accepted the challenge of giving him that chance for me & watching over him while we were away. I knew this was the only way I would have a chance at seeing him when I got back home.

We left our little guy in her care & said our goodbyes with the dreaded fear that this may be the last time we would get to see him. We left for our honeymoon to Australia & New Zealand. We purchased phone minutes so that we could call Mama Spahn every other day to check on the little guy & see how he was doing. We made our last phone call 2 days before we would arrive back in the states & the report was good. We knew we would have our hands full when we returned back home with a dog that now had no control of his urine & bowel movements, but we agreed as husband and wife that the little man deserved every bit of our love & care when we returned home. The point was he was still alive & the thought of not seeing him again had vanished from my thoughts.

Well, all was well & I was getting so very anxious to see my little man. In Sydney, I knew that only two more flights separated me from Texas where my dog was anxiously waiting for me……or so I thought…

Stay Tuned for Part 3-The Battle I Nearly Lost…


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